Wunderkinder Day Care

Green Meadows Day Care

The purpose of WunderKinder daycare is to provide complete child-care support to working parents in the neighborhood. We seek to fulfill all the needs of the children in their growing years and provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment for their social, emotional and physical well-being.

WunderKinder daycare strives to replicate a home-like environment where each child is provided individual care and attention by our qualified and experienced teachers and caretakers. They provide complete emotional support to children while also helping them become independent and responsible. Over time children develop strong bonding with one-another which further enhances the feeling of a family unit. They are served freshly cooked food, provided comfortable beds for nap and are engaged in age-appropriate activities in the day care to develop their cognitive, social and physical abilities.

Children have dedicated time for structured activities daily that support their cognitive and physical development. The activities are planned according to the theme they are studying. The themes are chosen to awaken their sense of curiosity about the living world and encourage them to explore their world to gain a better understanding. Their day is enriched with story time, drama, creative movement, painting, art and craft, water fun and sand play.