“Large streams from little fountains flow,
Tall oaks from little acorns grow;
And though now I am small and young,
Of judgment weak and feeble tongue,
Yet all great, learned men, like me
Once learned to read their ABC.”
David Everett

Laying Foundation for Life-Long Learning

WunderKinder preschool and day care was founded in the year 2012 on the principles of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky. The school and day care is located in sector 50 and is easily accessible to families living in the gated communities in and around Golf Course Extension Road, Sohna Road, South City 2, Mayfield Garden and Nirvana Country.

The goal of the school and day care is to provide developmentally-appropriate early childhood education, extended care and enrichment activities to children in the neighborhood. The school offers a stimulating, non-competitive learning environment that fosters a sense of belongingness in children and respect towards their peers

The school has been designed and built from ground zero keeping in mind the learning and developmental needs of young children. All classrooms are spacious, naturally well-lit, temperature-controlled and resourced with age-appropriate toys and learning aids. Display of children's artworks in the classrooms creates a rich and colourful ambiance in the school.

The large open space around the building invites children to actively participate in outdoor play. Outdoor facilities like splash pool, sand pit, cycle and racing track, jungle gym and slides allow the school to focus on the development of their gross motor skills. The large indoor play area houses role play centre, dance studio and group activity centre and is the hub for their creative pursuits.

The school commits to high standards of child safety, hygiene and cleanliness. Windows at the child’s eye-level, low height of steps and handrail in the staircase, child-sized toilet seats and low level wash basins are among many features that make WunderKinder a child-friendly school.

The credo of the school is to offer the best possible start to children in a physically and emotionally safe environment and prepare them for a life of joyful learning.

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