Passionate and committed teachers are the heart and soul of WunderKinder. Our teachers come with diverse qualification and work experience but have one thing in common. They possess qualities that make them a good preschool and day care teacher. They are chosen for their emotional maturity, intellectual competence and the ability to foster children’s learning and development.

Every teacher is groomed to manage children independently and goes through intense training in the Vygotskian philosophy, ‘Key to learning’ curriculum and classroom management strategies.

A healthy teacher-child ratio coupled with small class size ensures children not only get personalized attention but also have plenty of opportunities to learn through their interaction with the teacher as well as social exchange with other children in the classroom.

Ashima Chawla


Ashima is the founder and the driving force behind this unique idea called WunderKinder. She is a person of many facets. A computer engineer by qualification Ashima developed a passion for early childhood education during her son’s preschool years at the finest international schools in Australia, Singapore and China. Her journey in the field of early childhood education started as an active parent volunteer and culminated with the launch of India’s first and only preschool based on the philosophy of eminent psychologist, Lev Vygotsky.

The amazing impact of ‘Key to Learning’ curriculum on the learning and development of young children who have attended WunderKinder since its inception is a source of immense satisfaction and motivation for her. She is an ardent advocate of the Vygotskian philosophy and strongly believes that raison d’être of WunderKinder is to provide the best early childhood education based on Vygotskian philosophy to children in their formative years.

Another thing that Ashima is equally passionate about is story-telling which she believes has a profound impact on children in their early years and therefore is an integral part of learning at WunderKinder. She leads her team from the front and is actively involved in planning and organizing events, celebrations and ‘Specials’ at WunderKinder.

She loves watching movies and travelling in her spare time.